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 We recommend to look for the book "NO MORE HEART DISEASE", written by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for his discovery of the importance of nitric oxide to the cardiovascular system. In Dr. Ignarro’s own words, “Nitric oxide is the body’s natural cardiovascular wonder drug.”








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With a simple five-minute, non-invasive Bpro test, you can receive information that used to require an angiogram or heart catheterizaion - the insertion of a catheter, fed through the femoral vein in the thigh and up to the aorta. The Heart Catheterization procedure is an invasive procedure, impractical to subject everyone to one and could cost anywhere from $11,000-$15,000. Through human clinical testing, the BPro™ device has been confirmed to be 99.17% as accurate as a catheter. We offer The BPro™ heart screening that makes this information physically and financially within reach of practitioners and patients anywhere in the world!

The Newest Technology in Non-Invasive Vascular Screening

The Bpro Cardio Pulse-Wave Heart Screen is Fantasic news for the general public.  It is 99.17% accurate and is shown to be as accurate as the Femoral Heart Catheterization (invasive) method. 

It is a painless, quick and easy cardio health screen to help you detect heart disease.  It is the latest in cutting edge medical technology and we plan to get this device out to the medical industry as soon as possible.  It can tell you what your biological age is versus your chronological age.

The cost for this test is $150 by a certified Heart Disease Defense technician and $300 - $450 by a cardiologist.  This heart screening is free with a GIGCo Business Network sponsored life passport ™ or Proactive Savers™ Gift Reward.    

The San Antonio, Texas based company, Heart Disease Defense and Centers For Preventive Health, not only is one of the first to carry these medical devices, but is working hard to offer Free Cardio Health Screenings to valued supporters that hold a GIGCo City Business Networks Life Passport ™ or Proactive Savers™ Gift Reward card.  The Life Passport™ and Proactive Savers™ are paid for by local City business owners, TVC Drivers Free Gas Money - "The Motor Club that Pays" (for its New members only), and Ambassadors of Health sponsors.  This is for a limited time only.  No Health insurance is needed.  MCA Motor club members are able to refer friends and relatives for 50% off the $150 cost.  Currently, this is available in San Antonio, Texas areas only for a limited time.  We are looking for City Business Network Leaders to help us expand.  

If you or someone you know is interested in having these heart screens available in area near you, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask for more details.

Finally, there is an affordable, FDA approved - class II, medical device that can help you take control of you cardiovascular heart health the non-Invasive way!

BPro™ Pulse Waveform Analysis - The New Standard 

Cardiovascular Heart Health

Understanding vascular Heart health is critical to long term health. The testing required to ascertain this information, however, has been unavailable to most practitioners and patients due to the impracticality and expense of the invasive catheter procedure that, up till now, has been the only way to secure this data.

Cardio Pulse-Wave (CPW) Technology is the newest technology in non-invasive vascular screening. This device measures Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) and radial Augmentation Index (rAI) with clinical accuracy.

These measurements can help identify cardiovascular risk and arterial stiffness far better than standard brachial cuff pressure and provides critical information for you that can help you identify problems before they become life threatening.


Device Capabilities

The Cardio Pulse-Wave device (BPro®) gives you two readings that help you see the values of cardiovascular health.

First, a 24-hr macroscopic view of BP patterns, including blood pressure, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, and pulse pressure.

BPro® is the first device in the world that uses applanation tonometry methodology to capture 24-hr blood pressure readings. It takes the blood pressure measurement even without the wearer knowing about it.

Second, real time microscopic arterial pulse waveform analysis. Using the BPro® and the pulse wave analysis application software, one is able to acquire real time arterial pulse wave data and translated this waveforms into clinically diagnostic related indices.


The Cardio Pulse-Wave Screening only takes a couple of minutes to perform, it is non-invasive, it is very simple, and completely pain free! The BPro® is placed on patient’s wrist where a laser diode reads and calculates a Wave Form signal that indicates the elasticity of large, small, and peripheral artery walls as well as tests stress, heart rate, and more.  A printed copy of the results is provided of the Cardio Screen that can clearly explain the results and the level of your patient’s cardiovascular health.

During the Heart Screen, Our Heart Disease Defense experts will also show you some effective natural strategies you can implement that may help you prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues, drug FREE.

These effective health strategies are the result of 20 years of research and application by Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast in his own medical practice and are now available to you!

The figure below shows the cross section of the wrist that the BPro® is secured to by means of a wrist strap, similar to a watch.

The sensor plunger impinges upon the radial artery over the radius bone. The patented plunger system design is hemispherical in profile, and transfers pressure forces efficiently to the internal pressure sensor and provides a safe, comfortable patient interface.

The wrist strap system is specially designed to ensure that the sensor system mounts comfortably on the radial artery position. At the same time, together with the sensor housing, it provides constant applanation to the artery without compromising the comfort of the wearer.

The strap system also takes into consideration in allowing for venous return at both the watch head and housing, and also avoiding any median nerve compression

Reliable and Accurate

The Cardio Pulse-Wave device is patented by HealthSTATS International Pte Ltd. This technology accurately measures CASP and is the only device approved to be used in a common clinical setting. It has been validated via invasive study and achieved an accuracy (co-relation) R=0.9917 independently. A-PULSE CASP is FDA Certified and CE MDD approved.

The CPW is 99.17% accurate and is shown to be as accurate as the catheter (invasive) method. This is fantastic news. Finally, there is an affordable screening that can help you take control of your patient’s cardiovascular health!

Centers for Preventive Health


There are some institutions we have helped finance the BPro® for them and are now implementing this new technology in their wellness practices.  Through the Heart Disease Defense System’s Certification Training, individuals can become trained to perform these screenings.  The “Centers for Preventive Health” is also providing interested practicioners and those wellness practices with a BPro® device and trained staff members that can perform the CWP Screenings onsite.

The Centers for Preventive Health is currently looking for Primary care, Chiropractic and wellness practitioners interested in collaborating with our global effort to save a million lives.  We are also looking for people who would like to be a Health Ambassador™ or local businesses that would like to sponsor the Life Passport™ or Proactive Savers™ gift card and Reward their customers or loved ones with Free Heart Screens in the near future.  We are currently implementing the proactive savers™ gift rewards program to new TVC drivers Free Gas Money and MCA motor club of America members in the San Antonio, Brownsville, Laredo, Austin, Houston and Edinberg Texas areas.  Ask us for more details.

If you want to become a "Proactive Saver" valued customer to qualify for a Free Screening in San Antonio, Brownsville, Houston, or Laredo, Texas; go to www.MotorClubofAmericaMCA.com to become a motor club member.

If you are a Business Professional or owner and would like to qualify to offer Free Heart Screenings in San Antonio, for your staff and valued customers,

go to www.CityBusinessNetworks.com to become a premium member of the Business Directory and referral network.


Heart Disease Defense Screening Specialists

There is a growing network of certified Heart Disease Defense Screening Specialists that perform the Cardio Pulse-Wave screening for practitioners that would like to utilize this new technology for their patients without purchasing the equipment, themselves.  This is the best way to see first hand the effectiveness of this technology.  We are currently scheduling appointments for those interested in getting their patients tested on a first come - first served basis.   

Please download, print and fill out the Radial Pulse Wave brochure to the right and fax or email it back to us.  Please let us know if you have a wellness center or practice and would like to offer heart screenings to your patients or if you are an individual who would like to get on the waiting list for a Free Heart Screenings in the following locations: San Antonio, Houston, Brownsville, and Laredo, Texas. 

Keep checking back as we continue to grow and offer Free Heart Screens in more locations near you.

Please contact us at Heart Disease Defense: Centers For Preventive Health, if you would like to know how to get a sponsored Life Passport ™ or Proactive Savers™ for a Free or 50% Off Heart Screening.